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Andel Architects and Designers

Andel is one of the finest architectural firms in Calicut, where we aim to craft the future. We engage in all types of projects from building designs to interior designs, which has given us ample recognition as the best Interior designers in Calicut.


Who We Are

We started our architecture firm with a dream.

A vision to be the best architectural firm in Calicut and the absolute best at making your ideas, however quirky it may be, into a reality. As architects, we get an opportunity to design the country and build a better future that improves the country and the outlook of life. This opportunity that enables us to mould the country and help it perform to the best of its abilities is very special.

Our expert architects have designed many projects from the ground up that has captivated the minds of our clients. We have also been featured on online portals such as OnManorama which is a testament to our quality and unending commitment.

Now, after so many projects we are living the dream, and bringing a change!


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